Zalmanson Dshanim specializes in the supply of fertilizers and additives made for urban agriculture, and favors granting the home user access to existing innovative technologies, while maintaining principles of sustainability and environmental protection.

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Zalmanson fertilisers

“Zalmanson Fertilizers” specializes in urban agriculture and advocates making the existing technologies in advanced agriculture more accessible to the home user, while preserving the principles of sustainability and protection of the environment.

The Zalmanson Family, including all its branches, has been engaged in agriculture in Israel for almost 100 years.

“Zalmanson Fertilizers”, selected the fertilizers it markets and which are directly manufactured for it, after extensive research, including experimentation and agronomic advice, counseling by a Doctor of Chemistry and a team of environmental and product safety experts. At the same time products manufactured by leading companies in Israel (and throughout the world) in accordance with the guidelines of "Zalmanson Fertilizers" were selected for marketing as the most suitable of all the fertilizers tested for use by both amateur and professional gardeners.

We supply only high quality products manufactured from raw materials at the highest level with stringent quality control and compliance with all Standards.

The Zalmanson Fertilizers Company advocates reliability, efficiency, innovation, preserving the values of sustainability and environmental protection, and of course, providing high level service to our customers in Israel and abroad.

We believe in the need for making high quality and advanced products accessible at reasonable prices.

The fertilizers are suitable for private gardens, balconies and roofs, for gardeners who specialize in indoor growths, amateur gardeners, professional gardeners, landscape contractors, local authorities, and public parks.

We develop innovative fertilizers and new additives for gardening and agriculture that do not currently exist on the market!

The “Zalmanson Fertilizers” Company supplies its customers with synthetic fertilizers possessing maximum efficiency, together with minimal impact on the quality of the environment.

These fertilizers are produced utilizing the most advanced technologies in the global agricultural market.

At the same time “Zalmanson Fertilizers” also supplies organic fertilizers and additives manufactured only from natural products!

All of these products are in an advanced stage of attaining the Organic Standard Mark.

These products are especially effective and constitute a dramatic innovation since they are organic but provide results equivalent to most of the existing synthetic fertilizers available on the market.

We supply exclusively developed planting mixes that are a balanced composition of long-working fertilizers.


  • Use of any material without being familiar with normal safety procedures and practices in its use constitutes a hazard to both the user and his environment.
  • We expect our customers and end-users of our products to act sensibly and with caution and to read the instructions for any product they use, and particularly with our products and to act according to the instructions for use of the product. 

Our products

Zalmanson fertilizer products were developed specifically by the company, with the aim of bringing the gospel of professional quality products internationally recognized agriculture into the world of landscape contractors, professional gardeners and gardens amateurs alike.

You can find the company's fertilizer series in various places, including private gardens, roof terrace gardens, interiors and other crops.

Also, the fertilizer suitable for hydroponic systems, substrate and different soil types.

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