Bounty series

BOUNTY series

The BOUNTY series distributed by “Zalmanson Dshanim” is a series of premium liquid
Fertilizers manufactured by the top leading factories in Israel.
First-grade materials are used to manufacture the products of this series.
The series’ products are manufactured from first-grade materials using advanced procedures while strictly keeping all standards and performing meticulous quality assurance.
BOUNTY series fertilizers are part of the most prestigious and best-quality fertilizers in Israel and around the world and it demonstrates well why Israel is regarded as a world leader in the field of advanced agricultural technology and fertilizer production.
The series’ products are marketed to many parts of the world including Japan, North America and the European Union.
All fertilizers in this series were examined by the supervising authorities and by leading laboratories within the field.
The official safety data sheets (SDS) can be found on-line in the company’s official website.

The vast varieties of BOUNTY

  • The BOUNTY series includes five kinds of fertilizers which can be used in every possible combination including with other fertilizers and also using each fertilizer by itself.
  • The different kind of fertilizers were developed to provide all of the plant’s needs, along all of its life stages fits all kinds of growing- tree, bush, fruits, vegetables or other plants.
  • The fertilizers are suitable for use in indoor, outdoor and greenhouse growing.
  • The fertilizers are suitable for use in hydroponics, disconnected substrate, garden mixtures and with any kind of soil.
  • The fertilizers can be used in manual or automatic irrigation.
  • All fertilizers in this series does not contain chloride and can be used for gentle growing.

The secret of BOUNTY’s profusion

All the fertilizers in the BOUNTY series are regularly used by professional farmers to produce maximal yield in intensive crops, grown for commercial purposes including fruits, vegetables, herbs, plants used for pharmaceuticals, Etc.
Until now, the “secret” of using these products was only known to farmers and professional growers because it was only available for purchase in quantities of over 1 ton carrying high expenses.
After a long research, including vast experiments and consultations by agronomists and environmental quality experts “Zalmanson Dshanim” chose the components of this series as most suited.
In order uncover this “secret” and give access to these fertilizers “Zalmanson Dshanim” addressed the top leading companies in International and domestic markets and built a “bridge” that now allows every grower and gardener, amateur or professional, to use these quality fertilizers.
The series contains undiluted fertilizers that comes in the same quality used by professional agriculture. Furthermore, as a results of this research “Zalmanson Dshanim” has developed a unique formula that enriches some of the fertilizers with components which encourage implementation, plant growth and enhanced fruit yield.