This fertilizer also acts as a quality and powerful growth catalyst.
The active ingredient in this fertilizer is the main component in the most commongrowth additives used in the world including in Holland and Canada.

This is a fertilizer used for the most efective and rapid treatment of the two most common and serious deficiencies:
deficiency of magnesium and deficiency of nitrogen. It is also possible to use foliar spraying only at a concentration of 1%.
When using desalinated water or water after reverse osmosis, use of this fertilizer is essential to achieve optimal results.

Bounty is a series of liquid fertilizers of excellent quality manufactured by leading factories in Israel from raw materials of the highest level by means of advanced processes with stringent quality control and compliance with all Standards.
The series includes fertilizers that provide all the plant’s needs (trees, bushes,vegetables, fruit and more) throughout its lifespan.
The fertilizers are suitable for interiorgrowths, outdoor growths and greenhouse growths.
The fertilizers are suitable for hydroponic systems, for soil-less beds, garden mixtures and earth of all types.

Liquid fertilizer

Contains nitrogen and magnesium (6.5 – 0 - 0 – 9.4)
Contents Refined nitrogen 6.5% - magnesium oxide 9.4% (refined magnesium 5.6%)
Nitrogen appears as nitrate
Chemical formula Mg(NO3)2
Volumetric weight 1.22 grams/ml
pH Weak acidic solution (5.5 – 6) Clear Moderate

Plastic container

Manner of use

A. For remedying magnesium deficiency, add 5 – 10 ml per 10 liters of water with every irrigation.
B. With the appearance of signs of deficiency in the plant accompanied by yellowing or scorching, fertilize with a concentration of 2 ml per one liter of water.
C. It is also possible to spray the material at a concentration of 1% of the spray volume once a week.
Warning: Do not mix this fertilizer with fertilizers containing phosphorus at high concentration because of the possibility of crystallization of salts at the bottom of the fertilizer vat.


The fertilizer is suitable for use in irrigation water with low magnesium content or in planters or soil-less beds that show signs of magnesium deficiency.
The additive is especially required if the water has been filtered in a reverse osmosis system or desalinated water.